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Pointy from Google helps retailers to display their products on Google when shoppers search for stores near them or for a type of store, chain or product.

Pointy helps products to surface on a number of places where potantial customers may see them:

  • The Pointy Page
  • The Business Profile on Google Maps and Search
  • Google Images




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Pointy Page

The Pointy Page is a website that lists your in-store products online. Every retailer gets a Pointy Page when they sign up to Pointy. As they scan their products, the information is pulled from the barcode, matched to an image and description from our database, and uploaded to the Pointy Page.

Features of the Pointy Page:

  • Individual product listings
  • Retailer profile to show store opening hours, address, etc
  • Ability to call the store and reserve a product
  • Stock status labels, including ‘In Stock’, ‘Unknown’ and ‘Out of Stock’
  • A social sharing option, to share individual products to social networks
  • The Pointy Page can be linked to from the retailer’s website as a live product catalog.


Business Profile on Google

Pointy allows you to display your products on your Business Profile on Google. Shoppers can easily browse your product offerings and identify your store as a preferred buying option.

  • Products display on the SWIS module on the Business Profile. When clicked, it opens onto the local storefront to show more information such as if the product is in stock.
  • Products can also display in the SWIS module in Google Search.
  • Products can be shown with or without prices
  • This feature will be rolling out soon in Ireland



Local Inventory Ads

Local Inventory Ads are a premium ad feature that are much easier to run through Pointy. LIA are highly-visual, intent-based ads that show up prominently on Google for product searches, for example “cough suppressant near me”.

  • Local Inventory ads are currently in beta launch in Ireland, so you could be one of the first retailers in the country to use them!
  • Local Inventory Ads are only available to retailers with a physical store.
  • Traditionally, any retailer with a physical store can set up LIA. However it is a time-consuming process that involves providing multiple inventory feeds to Google. With Pointy, a retailer only needs to set their budget and location from their retailer dashboard. They don’t have to create the campaigns or set bidding strategies.
  • Retailers can access easy-to-understand charts and data on how their ads are performing in their retailer dashboard.
  • In countries where the CSS program is available, like Ireland, Shopping ads can be used with any Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) you work with. The ads will show on general search results pages and on any other surfaces the CSS has opted in to.



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Date published 05 May 2021 | Last updated 03 Jun 2021

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