Flood-affected homeowners not exempt from property tax

11th January 2016 | News

Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan has confirmed that Irish homeowners affected by the recent floods will not be exempted from the property tax.

However, Mr Noonan did state that those affected by flood damage serious enough to affect the valuation of their property would see a reduction in the size of levy they have to pay.

This includes those who believe their homes are now worthless and subsequently would not be liable for any property tax.
“Local property tax is a tax that is self-assessed,” said Noonan.

“So if a householder believes that the value of their household has been diminished or totally cancelled, well then, they should submit a valuation commensurate with that.

“It is already within the legal base of the property tax to allow householders to deal with reducing values from any extraneous events, including flooding.”

The Cabinet met on Tuesday and agreed 12 proposals to respond to the flooding crisis.

A new €2m assistance scheme was announced for farmers who have suffered fodder losses, including flood damage to silage, hay, straw and concentrates that are not protected by insurance.

The Cabinet also agreed to the creation of a River Shannon coordination group to control future flood management plans for 66 towns and regions situated along the Shannon.

However, the Cabinet did not agree to set up a single authority to manage flooding in the river’s catchment area, believing it could take considerable time and require legislative changes.

Robert Troy, Fianna Fail TD, felt this was a major oversight on behalf of government ministers.

“It’s ridiculous to see Government Ministers claim that it would take too long to pass the legislation necessary to make this happen,” said Troy.

“The Dail could be recalled this week to debate the matter with emergency legislation being passed without delay.”

Image: David Jackmanson