IDA Ireland created 12,000 jobs last year, figures show

4th February 2013 | News

IDA and Enterprise Ireland helped create around 12,000 jobs last year, figures published by the organisation have revealed.

While the Irish economy has been dominated by manufacturing jobs in years gone by, this is now changing to technology work.

And with larger companies setting up shop in the country, small businesses could also be encouraged to flourish and expand as the economy begins to improve.

IDA chief executive Barry O'Leary told that many of the jobs are coming from hard work put in by the organisation.

"The growing number of payments companies locating in Ireland comes as a result of the IDA's strategy to focus on targeting particular industries and creating 'clusters'," he noted.

Meanwhile, new work opportunities are also likely to come in the form of wind turbine construction and maintenance after the Irish and UK governments signed a deal that will see the installation of wind turbines across Offaly, Laois and Kildare.

Posted by Thomas Fletcher