Ireland to increase tech specialist numbers

11th February 2013 | News

Small businesses involved in the technology industry in Ireland look likely to benefit in the next few years as the country increases its intake of specialists.

According to Jobs Minister Richard Bruton, the country will be welcoming an additional 1,900 skilled technicians from overseas - an increase of 700.

This comes as the country looks to tackle the dropout rate in ICT degrees at university, helping to reduce the skills gap and encourage the growth of technology businesses in the country, Silicon Republic reports.

"There's no doubt when you look at it the ICT sector and what it is bringing to the table, it is dramatically changing the face of a lot of sectors, democratising start-ups who don't have the same barriers they used to, it is compressing the world market," Mr Bruton told an audience.

"There is a creative core driving change across many sectors, the impact on our economy can be profound if we position ourselves correctly."

It comes after IDA Ireland reported last week that it created 12,000 jobs for the Irish economy last year.

Posted by Emily Smith