New jobs created by Mandiant in Dublin

13th December 2012 | News

Mandiant is to create 100 jobs in Ireland over the next few months as it looks to expand its resources and services.

The IT security company will be opening up a new operations centre in Dublin to help tackle cyber security problems through the creation of new products.

What's more, the Irish Times reports that the facility will also house the company's security operations, something that is likely to create more jobs in the future.

Richard Bruton, the Minister for Jobs, is quoted by the news provider as saying that the technology sector is becoming a key cog in the country's economic recovery.

"We in government will continue to build on Ireland's success in this area to create the jobs we need," he explained.

It comes after figures published by the Central Statistics Office last month revealed that unemployment fell for the first time since 2005 in the third quarter of the year.

Posted by Thomas Fletcher