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Revenue has advised they will take a pragmatic approach to individual cases as regards the application of the surcharge for late filing where there is a genuine difficulty in submitting income tax returns by the 10 December ROS Pay & File deadline, due to COVID-19. 
Individuals (or Tax Agents) are advised to contact Revenue by Monday, 14 December 2020 through MyEnquiries on ROS, and let them know the following details:
  • Taxpayer Details
  • The difficulty arising i.e. the exceptional circumstances that prevents you from meeting the filing deadline in these cases
  • The plan in place to file these returns and the expected timeframe to file the returns, which must be reasonable
  • A request to remove the “late surcharge” in these cases when the returns are submitted (as surcharges apply automatically to late returns on ROS). 
Revenue will review the request and reply to advise whether the request has been accepted or rejected.

Last updated: 10th December 2020


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