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Employee Shares – Glossary of Key Terms

There are many different types of shares schemes operating in companies across Ireland. Here are some key terms to help you navigate your own situation.

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Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) and Tax

Everything you need to know about paying tax on RSUs

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Part of a Share Scheme? Expect to hear from Revenue very soon

The 31 March filing deadline for employers who operate share schemes has arrived. Revenue will now have details of all employees that have been given shares, and they will be pursuing unpaid tax.

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How to pay tax on Share Options

Have you received share options from your employer and not sure what to do about your tax? Here we look at what tax you need to pay on Share Options and when …

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A reminder for those with company shares to file their tax returns

If you received shares the onus is on you to calculate the tax and file the necessary tax returns.

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Shares Guide

All you need to know about shares & tax in Ireland

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Read our expert answers to your Shares questions

What is an RTSO1?

I have received share options from my employer and was told to fill in an RTSO1 form. What is this?

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I paid tax on Share Options in payroll, do I need to pay tax again?

I have received share options every year for 3 years from my employer. The income tax was deducted on my payroll. I am planning on selling them, do I need to pay Capital Gains Tax?

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Is CGT due when I sell Share Options?

I have sold shares and made a profit. I know that income tax was deducted on my payroll. Do I need to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and if so when?

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I am part of an Unapproved Share Scheme. What tax do I need to pay?

I just started working with a US firm and I will get shares twice a year worth about €30,000 in total. The letter I get says it is an ‘unapproved scheme’. What tax do I need to pay?

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