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Revenue have announced an extension to the filing date for the VAT Return of Trading Details (RTD). 

The VAT Return of Trading Details (RTD) is currently being updated to reflect the temporary change in the VAT rate from 23% to 21% that came into effect on 01 September 2020. The revised RTD will be available from 10 February 2021 and the filing date is being extended to 10 March 2021.

Revenue also confirmed that where a taxpayer or their agent has already submitted a VAT RTD in which the 23 percent supplies box includes information of supplies made at the 21 percent rate, it will not be necessary to amend or resubmit the VAT RTD.

All VAT registered businesses are required to file a VAT Return of Trading Details (RTD) on ROS following the end of their accounting period. If you are looking for an accountant to help with your VAT Returns, please do not hesitate to contact us


Last updated: 27th January 2021


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