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Outsource These Payroll Accounting and Bookkeeping Tasks. 

As your business expands, employer obligations will be more time-consuming, and payroll accounts will grow more complex.
Moreover, late payments of key employers' deductions will bring hefty penalties. 
Let's remove all that hassle and ensure you fully comply with Irish payroll regulations and deadlines. You could simplify your payroll process and reduce overhead costs with our reliable and affordable payroll service. 
Our payroll services are designed to help growing businesses, offering support with tax calculations, time tracking, and employee self-service. 

Explore some payroll tasks you could be outsourcing here:  


Business Payroll 

As a business owner, you’ll need a streamlined payroll process. Let us take care of the more tedious payroll tasks associated with adding employees, using contractors, handling the PAYE system and assessing an efficient payroll software system that works seamlessly with your current accounts.

Adding New Employees 

In Ireland, employers must register their new employees with Revenue for tax purposes. We can help you with the payroll setup and processing for each new employee. You will also need to submit a new RPN request for that employee and calculate their various deductions or contributions.

Irish Payroll Taxes and Deductions

We can help you manage the various mandatory payroll contributions and tax deductions such as: 
  • PAYE Income Tax 
  • Social Security (PRSI) Contributions
  • USC (Universal Social Charge) in Ireland
  • Pension Contributions
  • Additional deductions that include contributions to health insurance plans, trade union membership fees, and other voluntary deductions.

Payroll Returns

To meet employer obligations which are outlined in Irish tax legislation and PAYE Regulations, Irish employers must complete periodic payroll returns (to capture all employee salary, benefits, statutory deductions, and enhanced reporting requirements). Our qualified payroll professionals can ensure you comply with the latest regulations and payroll deadlines.

Leave Entitlements

Your payroll calculations in Ireland must also factor in different employee entitlements provided by law. Our payroll support services will ensure these various types of leave entitlements are factored in:
  • Annual Leave 
  • Public Holidays
  • Maternity 
  • Paternity Leave, Parental Leave and Adoptive Leave
  • Carer's Leave
  • Force Majeure Leave


Benefits Administration

You will also need to factor in the various employee benefits in the Irish payroll system. We can help you handle the payroll accounting tasks and tax implications related to pension and retirement plans, health insurance and other benefits.


Enhanced Reporting Requirements (ERR)

From 01 January 2024 employers are required to report details to Revenue of certain non-taxable payments made to employees. This new process is known as Enhanced Reporting Requirements (ERR).
Where employers make a tax-free payment for certain expenses or benefits, they must submit the details electronically to Revenue (before the payment date).
This is an additional return to the payroll run.
TaxAssist Accountants can take away the hassle when it comes to these new reporting requirements.

Be ready for Pension Auto-enrolment

The new Auto-enrolment pension scheme is finally set to be introduced later this year. While the full details are yet to be decided by the Government it is advisable to check your payroll systems now to ensure that it will be able to take instruction for enrolment and be able to calculate and pay employee and employer contributions to the Central Processing Authority.
Enhanced Reporting Requirements (ERR) and Auto-enrolment are making payroll in Ireland more difficult for small employers. Now may be the time to outsource your payroll. 

A Payroll Services Partner When You Need It 

At the end of the day, payroll is personal. We get that. 
Timeliness, personal attention and accuracy really matter to every one of your employees on the receiving end. Our team focuses on delivering a personal service that works seamlessly with your operation. 
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