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Directors’ responsibilities: What do I need to know?

It’s a big commitment to become a company director in Ireland and it’s not a role that should be taken on without some consideration. If you are thinking of becoming a director read on to find out mor...

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Company Director? How do you pay tax?

When a company director takes money from their company a main concern is usually how they pay tax on this income.

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Directors – 3 reasons to use your company to provide for your retireme...

Executive Pension Plans provide a great method for directors to get value from their company

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Company Director? How can you get paid?

One of the biggest questions for company directors is how they actually pay themselves. In this article we look at the various ways directors can be paid.

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Director's Loan Accounts Explained

Here we discuss Director's Loan Accounts to help with all your queries

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Read our expert answers to your Directors' Series questions

I am a company director; do I need to file a Tax Return?

I became a company Director in 2020 but all my pay goes through payroll. Do I need to file a tax return with Revenue?

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I’m a Company Director, do I need Key Person Insurance?

I have started a limited company and I wanted to make sure I have the correct business insurance, is there anything I might be missing?

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I am a director and I just pay myself a few thousand euro as and when...

I’ve just started my business and so not pay myself a regular salary yet. Should I set this up?

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